Dive into a curated collection of my work, where every piece stands as a testament to dedication, precision, and passion. From various sports memorabilia to unique categories, each frame captures a story, a memory, a moment in time. Explore the gallery to witness the blend of artistry and sentiment that defines Framed by Design.


Baseball, often dubbed ‘America’s Pastime’, is a sport steeped in tradition and history. Every slide into home, every crack of the bat, and every soaring catch is a moment worth capturing. In this gallery, explore the meticulous craftsmanship with which I frame baseball memories. From iconic MLB jerseys to unique collectibles and cherished personal achievements, each piece is framed to honour the essence of the game. Let these frames inspire you, and envision how your prized baseball memorabilia can be transformed into a timeless masterpiece.


Basketball is a symphony of swift moves, high-flying dunks, and buzzer-beaters that leave us on the edge of our seats. Every fast break, every three-pointer, and every block is a testament to athleticism and determination. In this gallery, witness the artistry and precision I bring to framing basketball’s iconic moments. Whether it’s jerseys from NBA legends, treasured NCAA memorabilia, or souvenirs from unforgettable games, each framed piece pays homage to the pulsating rhythm of the court.


Football is a game of strategy, strength, and heart-stopping moments. From thrilling touchdown runs to game-changing interceptions, it’s a sport that binds fans with a shared passion and intensity. Within this gallery, you’ll see the dedication I bring to framing the essence of gridiron glory. Be it NFL dynasties, spirited NCAA teams, or cherished CFL personal mementos, each piece is framed to capture the spirit and fervor of those under the stadium lights. Dive in to experience how the excitement of football clashes and celebrations are encapsulated, turning ephemeral moments into lasting memories.


Hockey, the exhilarating dance of blades on ice, is a game of skill, speed, and split-second decisions. Every slapshot, glove save, and power play carries with it a narrative of dedication and sheer willpower. This gallery is a testament to the beauty and intensity of the sport. Explore the intricate detailing I bring to framing these frozen moments in time — from legendary NHL jerseys to cherished mementos from iconic matches. Within these frames, the grit and grace of hockey come alive, immortalizing the sport’s most captivating moments and allowing them to be celebrated for generations to come.


Soccer, or football to many, is the world’s game—a mesmerizing ballet of footwork, strategy, and unparalleled passion. Every goal, every save, and every nimble pass is part of an intricate dance that resonates globally. Delve into this gallery and witness the devotion I infuse into framing these precious moments from the pitch. From renowned UEFA matches to heart-pounding FIFA World Cup encounters, each piece is framed to embody the global heartbeat of the sport. Let the frames evoke the roar of the crowd, the thrill of a last-minute goal, and the shared joy of millions; showcasing soccer’s enduring magic.

Other Frames

Beyond the major leagues lie a diverse world of sports, each with its unique charm, challenges, and captivating moments. From the swift swings in tennis to the powerful punches in boxing, the precision of golf swings to the agility in MMA, every sport tells its distinct tale. This gallery showcases the versatility and precision I bring to framing memories across the sporting spectrum. Discover how each piece, whether it’s a signed boxing glove, a cherished golf club, or a worn tennis racket, is treated with the same reverence and artistry.

Military Medal

The military world is one of valor, discipline, and stories that span the spectrum of human experience. Medals are not mere decorations; they’re hard-earned symbols of sacrifice, bravery, and honor. Uniforms bear witness to service and the histories of those who wore them with pride. This gallery illuminates the reverence and precision with which I frame these testaments to duty and country. From meticulously framed medals to uniforms that have seen the world, each piece is handled with the respect and dignity it commands.

Marathon Medal

The world of marathons and triathlons represents the pinnacle of human endurance and determination. Every medal earned isn’t just metal—it’s a chronicle of countless training hours, sweat, and the mental fortitude to push one’s limits. In this gallery, you’ll see the meticulous attention and care with which I frame these symbols of incredible achievements. From the medal earned in a local city run to those from renowned global races, each piece stands as a tribute to willpower and perseverance. Browse through, and let each frame remind you of the miles travelled, the challenges overcome, and the sheer joy of crossing that finish line.


Comics are a vibrant tapestry of art and storytelling, where vivid illustrations meet gripping narratives, transporting readers to worlds of wonder and adventure. From iconic issues of DC and Marvel to indie gems, every comic carries with it a unique blend of nostalgia, fantasy, and artistic prowess. In this gallery, discover how I frame these slices of pop culture with a craftsman’s touch, preserving the colors, details, and essence of each page. Whether it’s a rare first edition or a cherished personal favourite, each piece is framed to capture the magic and wonder of the stories within.


From the timeless strategy of classic board games to the immersive universes of video games, gaming holds a special place in many hearts. Do you have an iconic cartridge from the NES era or a cherished Atari system gathering dust? Perhaps a Monopoly set from your childhood or a mint-condition Sega Genesis? I bring expertise in framing and preserving both traditional board games and video game memorabilia. My custom frames are designed to celebrate and safeguard the history, artistry, and nostalgia of gaming, from vintage systems like the Super Nintendo and Commodore 64 to today’s modern masterpieces.

Movies & TV

Film and television are mirrors to our society, offering glimpses into diverse worlds, emotions, and shared cultural moments. From the glitz of Hollywood’s golden era to contemporary cinematic masterpieces, every movie poster, DVD, or vintage videotape is a ticket to another realm. Similarly, beloved TV shows transport us weekly to familiar scenes and characters. In this gallery, witness how I frame these iconic pieces of entertainment history. Whether it’s a classic movie poster, a limited edition DVD, or a signed script from a hit series, each piece is captured with precision and a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling.


Music, an universal language, resonates deeply with us all, transporting us to different times and places. Whether it’s a coveted award that marked a career milestone, a vinyl record that played the soundtrack to your life, cherished concert tickets from unforgettable nights, or unique collectibles from your favorite artists, each item pulsates with rhythm and emotion. At Framed by Design, I channel my expertise to frame these musical treasures. Every custom frame is curated to protect and celebrate these pieces, ensuring that the beat goes on and the memories sing forever.

Wedding Frames

Weddings are ethereal moments, a blend of traditions, emotions, and memories that last a lifetime. Every whisper of lace, glint of a ring, and cherished photograph tells a love story that’s unique and timeless. In this gallery, explore the delicate artistry and precision with which I frame these mementos from your special day. From the signed frames bearing well-wishes of guests to the intricate details of wedding attire and ephemera, each piece is crafted to encapsulate the magic and sentiment of matrimonial bliss. Delve in and reminisce the joy, tears, laughter, and love that each frame tenderly holds, ensuring your story is beautifully preserved for generations to come.

Corporate Frames

In the corporate world, branding and presentation hold paramount importance. It’s not just about conveying a message but doing so with elegance, professionalism, and authenticity. This gallery showcases the precision and creativity I bring to framing corporate memories and brand identities. From executive frames that elevate office spaces to branded displays that solidify a company’s image, each piece serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. Explore and see how I capture the essence of businesses, their milestones, and their achievements with unparalleled craftsmanship.


  • More than 20 years of experience creating custom frames and displays
  • Trusted by professional athletes, organizations and leagues
  • Creative framing – you name it, I can frame it
  • Handmade with no small details missed or overlooked
  • High quality materials used so your frames lasts a lifetime